Never doubt it for a second!  Your failure in any ebusiness venture is a valuable learning experience that can’t be duplicated in any other way.  Not by a college education, not by expert training, and not by literary dogma.
The only reason that failure causes depression, insecurity, loss of self-esteem, self-effacement is that you haven’t taken an unemotional look at what you've just been taught.
For just a minute, analyze every pulsating fragment of knowledge swirling around in your brain right now, which you never had there before. You were thrown on the ground and trampled by your online business failure. The reasons for failure may or may not be obvious to you. Those reasons are also solutions to ebusiness success. Don't think so, huh?

As incredible as it may sound, you have been force-fed an intangible, almost symphonic, series of hidden attributes, which not only will fuel your ambition but also enable you to make music with something most people just tune out. 

Testimonials to that effect by almost every highly successful individual are all the proof you need.

1. You learn from mistakes: It’s easy to remember what not to do.  You’ll have to admit that those blunders won’t be repeated.  Thus, you have already narrowed down and reduced the risk of future failure.  Thomas Edison failed over and over until his light bulb finally lit up------and stayed on.
2. Your awareness of "failure traps" increases: Being more gun-shy is a good thing.  You learn to be more cautious for ebusiness booby-traps, more aware of the crippling effect of bad advice, and more aware of your own intuitive and instinctual responses that could hinder or prevent your success. 
3. You become much more defensive: Suddenly good planning with a back-up business plan becomes central to your focus.  Not that you didn’t do that the first time, but this time you have a clearer vision of why the last business plan didn’t work.  Details, options, priority, timing, assistance, and goals for every step of the plan are vividly critical.
4. You take research much more seriously: Where failure happens, knowledge is lacking.  It’s like being spit in the face........humiliating as it is for you to back off and face up to your inadequacies. 

Researching every possible obstruction to your online business success uncovers your weaknesses.  It alerts you to the absolute necessity of knowing your enemy, and having contingency plans to bypass or overcome any of the ebusiness obstacles that you previously might have disregarded.
5. Your ego takes second place: The act of having to prove yourself is one of the most disastrous personality traits.  Aside from the fact that snuggling up to your ego will do nothing more than create a temporary illusion of satisfaction, you have an obligation to yourself, this time, to use every source of assistance you can find to make it work. 

The, “I’ll show them, there’s nothing I can’t do myself, my ambition and persistence is all I need,” attitude is eternal ebusiness quicksand.  Learn from the online business experts and listen to the ebusiness strategies of your mentors who have been there and done that, because you're now able to listen to them. 

The maturation process required of every recipient of success—the realization that you can’t succeed without help along the way—is a profound credo.
6. You notice the increasing importance of dumping your preconceptions about how to attain online business success: Holding on to old outdated concepts of how one can become successful is quite different than what your grandfather told you he did.  The technology explosion has reinvented the wheel, but this time, there is a motor attached. 

The Internet is fast, continuously changing, and often unpredictable.  You must develop new tactics and strategies that are adaptable to conditions at the moment.  Are you ready for that?
7. You develop much more respect for learning: One common reason for failure is the fallacy of learning "just enough" to reach your goals—and drift from there—thinking that was all one needed to do.  Any success in any profession, in any field of endeavor, only survives by ongoing education, learning, and mind-stretching thoughts.  Don’t shortchange yourself!
8. Your “failure” experience often uncovers talents you never knew you had: A close friend created an Internet website and started an ebusiness selling camping equipment and supplies.  It quickly became obvious that he was not cut out to be a store owner and retailer. 

However, while intensively delving into marketing his business, he discovered copywriting, writing articles, and creating effective ads was easy and satisfying as well.  When you love what you do—success is almost a “given.”
9. Your willingness to take advice, direction, and criticism soars: Humbling yourself--just a bit--works wonders with those around you.  Those who might be even smarter than you might be more savvy than you and, above all, care about you and want to help you. 

Most aren’t looking for glory, praise, fame, or even a share of your profits. 

A fantastic quality of every person is a willingness to help someone who needs it.  Simply lowering your guard a little and permitting them to help you, gives them a special intangible gift—a warming heart-felt satisfaction of helping someone.  And it didn't cost a penny.
10. In knowing the above happens, the ultimate benefit is uncovered: The gift is free.  No strings attached.  Probably the greatest benefit gleaned from “failing,” coupled with the distinct benefits detailed above, is called “positive thinking.” 

Don’t try to rationalize your way out of this reasoning.  It happens whether you like it to or not.  Like a blind date beauty you are now married to.
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.”
General Colin L. Powell

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