Let’s face it, change is stressful and most of us want to avoid it like the plague. We love the status quo, even if it’s uncomfortable for us. We’ve become accustomed to the “devil you know” attitude and we don’t welcome or embrace the opportunity for something new. However, we also know that change is a part of life and happens all the time. For example, your company is downsizing and you are laid off, your children leave home to start lives of their own, your marriage has ended due to divorce or death. These are just a few of the many changes we face during the course of our lives. If you’re facing a major life change, here are some ways to help you cope.

1. Evaluate Yourself Honestly. What are your strengths, weaknesses, skills? How did those influence—positively or negatively—your transition?

2. Make Self-Care a Priority. Major changes are physically and emotionally taxing. You need self-care now more than ever.

3. Engage Your Curiosity. What went wrong, or right? What could you have done better? What worked really well?

4. Focus on Your Desire. Transition is a time of great clarity. Decide what you want out of this transition and stay focused upon that desire. Keep your eye on the prize.

5. Find Support. Since your transition affects your family as well, it may be better to seek the outside support of friends or professionals.

6. Work on Your Thoughts. Shift your thoughts of fear, concern and worry to ones of hope, gratitude and happiness.

7. Reassure (or avoid) those who are threatened by, or jealous of, the change.

8. Create Your Own Rite of Passage. Ceremony and ritual help with all transitions. Create a ritual that allows you to connect with your Inner Goddess and honor the magnificent, powerful woman you are!

9. Find the Blessing. Release the concept of how things were “supposed to be” and accept “how things are.” Find appreciation for what is by finding the gift(s) in the experience.

10. Welcome Change. Change is a constant. If we don’t change and grow, we become stagnant and stale. Change is a way of keeping things fresh and new. When you view life as an exciting adventure, all experiences are viewed as opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Rev. Elaine C. Torrance-Gingrich is the founder of Avalonian Moon LLC, a company devoted to teaching women who are facing the challenges and transitions of midlife, how to turn their wounds into wisdom, embrace and strengthen their connection to their Inner Goddess, and leverage the Law of Attraction to create a delicious life with more abundance, laughter and magic.

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