Be clear about what you don't want
Make a list of what you don't want in your life. By briefly focusing on the contradictions or challenges in your life, provides great clarity. However, spending too much time focusing on what you don't want creates more of the same. The idea is to identify them, then make a fast exit from this negative place to uncover what and where your burning desires are.

Be grateful and focus on what is working in your life
Gratitude is your best friend when creating your vision. If you can find something to be grateful about and choose to learn from each and every experience, you align yourself with the power of the Universe. Your vibrational energy will shift from a place of victim and powerlessness to one of love, grace and empowerment.

Let go of past resentments
Ask yourself how long you have been holding onto negative emotions such as resentment, bitterness and anger toward yourself, someone else or a situation? This is poisonous energy. Negative emotions erode the quality of your life and the life of those around you. It is as if you are drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Let the negativity go so that you can free yourself to focus on your vision and the action steps you need to take. A wonderful resource to work through your negative emotions and be in a place of forgiveness and peace is the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet:

Don't bring past failures and mistakes into the present day
How often do you count the number of times you failed or made mistakes in the past and then fear you will fail again? Well, STOP IT! One of the main reasons people fail over and over again or sabotage their success is because they focus on why they weren't successful before. This kind of thinking expands when we bring our past into the present day. Our failures are amplified, and of course, we end up creating more failure. The good news is the Universe does not create from precedent! It does not care what happened in the past. If you focus on your failures, you are giving them power and energy and the Universe is going to say, "YES!" Be in the present moment and stay focused on your desires and how magnificent they feel. These energized thoughts will have greater power.

Be clear about your burning desires
Your desires ignite your passion for living; for getting out of bed in the morning and stating, "Yes, I am grateful for living and I am so excited to start my day." Your desires are not wishful thinking or hoping that maybe some day you will experience your dream. A desire is definite, purposeful and so meaningful that your faith is unshakeable. All doubt or reason is pushed aside and you are inspired to carry on through any perceived adversity.

Write your desires down and spend 5 minutes a day visualizing what it feels like to live them
The more time you spend visualizing, living and being your desires the stronger the image becomes for you and the deeper your new reality is internalized. What really gives your visualization potency and energy is to identify and write what it would be like to live your desires. This is why I created a 5-minute daily visualization that you receive for free when you order my book A year of possibilities, create a life of purpose and passion.

Expect great things for yourself
Often people expect or fear the worst. Remember, what you focus on expands. When you begin to expect great things for yourself, you think and act differently, and feel more optimistic. You attract all sorts of assistance you never dreamed possible to support you in manifesting your vision. Since the Universe is infinite in its abundance and goodness, and you are a part of this source of eternal life, of course great things will happen for you!

Let go of any attachment to your desires
Think of it this way: when you are having dinner with friends at a restaurant and order your meal, you carry on interacting and enjoying their company. You don't go back to the kitchen and stand over the chef to make sure he is properly cooking your meal. For many, letting go of control is difficult. They are attached to how their vision will manifest. Having tunnel vision about the outcome will lead to missed opportunities that would support the manifestation of your vision. Staying open to new ways of being and experiencing may take you out of your comfort zone, but that's what makes life exciting for learning and growing.

Enjoy the journey
Life is an incredible journey and we are meant to enjoy it! It is easy to get consumed with creating our vision and forget to enjoy ourselves. Remember to take time to connect with those you love, have fun, be creative and celebrate your successes along the way. Marking and celebrating the milestones of our journey with those we love will forever be embedded in our hearts and that's what we will take with us when we move on from this lifetime. Regrets are not an option.

Taking daily action towards your vision is vital. Do something, one thing, ANYTHING! If you are sit- ting back hoping that your vision is going to manifest just because you have a vision, you are in a place of magical thinking. Do what is right in front of you today and do what is right in front of you tomorrow. If you are worrying about what you are supposed to do next week you won't get done what is important for you to accomplish in the present moment. Also, if you are putting off everything for later when later arrives, what would you have accomplished? DESIRE + ACTION = MANIFESTATION!

Author's Bio: 

Helen Valleau is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Visioning expert. She has inspired thousands of visions to come to life and has created a program and book called A year of possibilities to offer a variety of ways that people can work with her to achieve their dreams.