A wedding is a happy event that unites family and friends to celebrate commitment and love. The family portrait is one of the most treasured features of any wedding album. It's a moment in time that encapsulates the spirit of the day and the relationship between family members. We've put together ten great suggestions to make sure your wedding family photo is nothing short of amazing, with a particular emphasis on locating the top Gold Coast wedding photographers.

  • Research and Select the Right Photographer: It's crucial to choose the Best Gold Coast wedding photographer. Start by carrying out extensive research. Examine portfolios, read reviews, and take friends' and family's suggestions into consideration. Choose a photographer whose aesthetic is in line with what you have in mind for the wedding family photo.
  • Schedule a Pre-Wedding Consultation: After you've reduced the number of photographers you like, set up a pre-wedding consultation. It is important to discuss your expectations, the images you would want to have taken, and any unique family dynamics that might impact the portrait during this appointment.
  • Plan the Portrait Session Timing: Consider the best time for your family portrait session. Natural light is key, so schedule it during the golden hour, just before sunset. This provides a warm and flattering light that enhances the overall look of the photograph.
  • Coordinate Outfits, but Keep it Timeless: Coordinate the outfits of your family members, but avoid matching outfits. Instead, opt for complementary colors and styles that reflect the overall wedding theme. Strive for an enduring style that will not go out of style.
  • Choose the Right Location: The backdrop of your family portrait is crucial. Work with your photographer to select a location that complements the wedding venue and provides a beautiful setting. On the Gold Coast, you have a plethora of options, from pristine beaches to lush hinterlands.
  • Plan the Composition and Poses: Work closely with your photographer to plan the composition and poses for the portrait. Consider various arrangements, including traditional, candid, and fun shots. Capture the essence of your family dynamics by including candid moments alongside formal poses.
  • Communicate with Family Members: Before the portrait session, communicate with family members about the schedule and expectations. Make sure everyone is aware of the time and location, and encourage them to arrive promptly. This will help the session run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Relax and Enjoy the Moment: On the day of the wedding, relax and enjoy the process. Trust your photographer to guide you through the session and capture authentic moments. Encourage your family members to be themselves and let their personalities shine.
  • Be Open to Spontaneity: While planning is essential, be open to spontaneity. Some of the most memorable and heartwarming family portraits come from candid moments that unfold naturally. Trust your photographer’s instincts and be ready to embrace unexpected opportunities.
  • Review and Select the Final Shots: After the wedding, take the time to review the family portraits with your photographer. Discuss any retouching or adjustments that may be necessary. Once you’ve selected the final shots, cherish them as a timeless keepsake of your special day.


In conclusion, a winning wedding family portrait is a testament to the love and connection shared among family members. By following these 10 tips, and with the assistance of the best wedding photographers on the Gold Coast, you can ensure that this cherished moment is captured in all its beauty and authenticity. Remember, it’s not just a photograph; it’s a treasured memory that will be cherished for generations to come.

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