Feeling Stuck? Feeling like the parade just might be passing you by? How much longer do you want that to be the song you are singing? Time marches on. So why not get yourself moving and start getting the life you really want?

The first secret is that getting unstuck is an inside job. What that means is that to be successful you must get to it from the inside out. You must let go of blaming any outside forces for where you are right now. You must be willing to stop doing some things and start doing some others.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is use these success secrets that will help you to Become Attractive to Yourself. It’s a fundamental principle of attraction and was taught to me by a mentor, Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coach U. In working with this principle both my clients and I have found that as they are mastered shifts happen.

These principles are subtle, simple and very powerful.

Choose one and work with it.
When you have mastered one, move on to the next one.
One way you will know that they are working for you is that you will begin to take consistent, constructive actions toward completing any project, goal or dream that you have been waiting for the “right time” to get started on.

This time is the right time. So start now.

Print this out and post where you will look at it everyday.
Pick one success secret and move yourself from the “stop doing side to the start doing side”. Simple. Rinse and Repeat for each one.
Notice how your life begins to open up.

Become Attractive to Yourself©

1. Stop doing what you know is bad for you and start nourishing yourself.
2. Stop trying to meet everyone else’s expectations and start meeting your own.
3. Stop being good and start being radical.
4. Stop comparing yourself to others and start identifying your own measures.
5. Stop setting yourself up and start making life easy on you.
6. Stop setting other people up and start under-promising.
7. Stop waiting and start trusting your inklings.
8. Stop chasing and start appreciating.
9. Stop trying to become somebody and just be yourself.
10. Stop having problems and start solving them.

Enjoy these, okay?

“Learn to live in your higher self. Respond to all situations from your love based “higher” self rather than reacting from your fear based “lower” self. You’ll not only be happier, you’ll get richer too.” ~ T. Harv Eker

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Author's Bio: 

Nancy Mindes is a Coach University trained professional coach who has been working with Audacious Ladies since 2000 and is A Peak Potentials certified motivational speaker and published author.