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10 Signs of Chronic Kidney Trouble

In Chinese Medicine theory, the kidney is considered the root of the body’s health. When the kidney is depleted, chronic health disorders surface.

Here are several signs you are headed for problems, some more serious than others…

Metal taste in the mouth: a build up of wastes may cause foods to taste differently. This is a serious sign something is quite wrong.

Frequent Urination: pale, large amounts of urine getting up frequently through the night.

Bubbly or foamy urine: Due to the kidney not filtering protein properly.

Fatigue: Healthy kidneys make a hormone called erythropoietin EPO, when not functioning properly, or when kidneys fail they make less EPO meaning you have less red blood cells carrying oxygen through your body and brain.

Shortness of Breath: Due to two reasons, extra fluid in the lungs, and the lack of EPO above leaving the body starved of oxygen.

Itchiness: The build up of blood wastes can lead to very itchy skin

Puffy hands and feet: weak or failing kidneys do not remove extra fluid which leads to swollen hands and feet.

Swollen or puffy face: as above…

Nausea or vomiting, poor appetite: a build up of unfiltrated wastes will lead to this symptom.
Dizziness or weakness, due to your brain not getting enough oxygen.

In Chinese medical theory an early sign of kidney imbalance is lower back and knee pain.
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