A name meaningful in more than one language is truly unique. Different languages have different words that generate positive and unique vibes. A new generation baby knows this world differently than any previous generation. An easy-to-pronounce short and trendy baby girl name is what parents are looking for their new-borns.

Multi-origin names for new-born baby girls of 2019

1) Aila/Aella

Aila generally means refreshment or food in abundance in Sanskrit. The name also signifies a person who belongs to a resilient region in Scottish. AellaIn Greek, the name refers to the Whirlwind.

2) Amara
In English and Latin, Amara refers to a person or personality or trait that can't fade with time. In German, the name means someone with eternal beauty. A similar meaning of the name, someone who can't die or immortal can be found in the lap of Sanskrit language.

3) Keila

In English, the name refers to a girl who is slender. The name means a fortress in Urdu and another variant of the name (Kaila) means pleasure or sports in Sanskrit.

4) Kendra

In English, the name brings out many meanings like a prophetess, a high hill, someone with knowledge or keen power. In Sanskrit, the name means something of high importance or centre of something. This name can be used for a personality who can be a centre of attention in an event, centre of positivity and several other traits.

5) Kimiya

In Persian, the name means something related to Alchemy or alchemists. The name has been derived from the Latin word Kimia. The name Kimiya is mostly used in Islamic culture. In Sanskrit, the name signifies a miracle or an unbelievable thing happened.

6) Reva

Reva is an epithet used for Goddess Durga and Rati in Hindu culture. The name is related to a mountain called Revat. It also means affluence or a wealthy person, brilliant or graceful. In English, the name refers to a feminine personality who traps or snares. The name signifies an intelligent/clever person or a person who is rich, with money or positive traits.

7) Sayuri/Sahuri

Sayuri is a common name in Japan and it means a small lily. Another variant of the name, Sahuri in Sanskrit refers to the natural elements like earth and sun and some positive characteristics including triumphant or mighty.

8) Souri

In Persian, the name refers to a Red Rose and can be related to a personality who spreads happiness and positivity like beguiling red rose. Even in Sanskrit, the name holds a positive significance as it signifies the brightness like Sun.

9) Sheeva

In Persian, the name reflects the traits like graceful, charming and beautiful. It describes an attractive and inspiring personality. In Sanskrit, a variant of the name, Shiva means the trinity God i.e. Lord Shiva or Mahadev.

10) Toya

It's a variant of the word Toy and this name is often used in English language for babies who are cute and adorable like toys or say it a teddy bear. In Spanish and Sanskrit languages, the name means water.
We have listed some beautiful and meaningful multiorigin names that may add exclusivity to your baby's personality. These names are special as they bring essences and meanings from various origins with them. These modish multiorigin names for baby girls effectively bridge the cultural gap. These names embody different characteristics and diversity and hence these are suitable for your baby as she can connect with different essences from different parts of the world.

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