All of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are energy vibrations. The mindset and attitude that you choose to have in your life determine the quality and state of your vibration. The higher the vibration of your mindset and attitude is, the lighter, more joyful and clearer you feel emotionally and spiritually. Your vibrations are like energy seeds that you sow in your life on an everyday basis, and which you will reap as future events and experiences. What you put out is what you will eventually get back, which is the Universal law of cause and effect in action. As you vibrate high, the better you will feel, and you get back experiences that are of a similar energetic frequency.

In this post are 10 life values (or attributes) that will keep your vibrations high, and help take care of your emotional and spiritual energy. Practicing these values can be likened to maintaining a “spiritual hygiene” or an unveiling of your true self. These values will be helpful in maintaining your inner stability and well-being, regardless of how the outside appears to be. They are attributes or qualities that will make you become more aligned with the Being of Light that you are, instead of getting trapped in the lower energy frequencies, which isn’t who you naturally are. Let’s begin!

1. Allowing / Non-judgment

When you release the need to judge another person as being right or wrong, but rather see everything as individual choices and expressions, without the need to control what others are choosing for themselves, you are able to practice allowing and non-judgment. You carry the knowing that you are creating your own reality and everyone around you is also creating theirs, and that every choice has its corresponding outcome through the law of cause and effect, you are able to freely allow the simultaneous creation of others without criticism or condemnation. You are able to respect the individual path, journey and lessons that each person (or soul) chooses to take, and you are able to give yourself this kind of freedom as well.

Allowing means choosing gentleness and letting other people to be who they are choosing to be, and not imposing yourself or your views on anyone. It is not judging, condemning or criticizing other people’s lives as being wrong, and not labeling them as bad, but rather becoming at peace with the diversity of choices, expressions, and realities that exist.

You are able to see the evolution instead of the flaws, or the soul’s journey behind every human personality. Know that each one is getting exactly what he or she truly needs in life for his/her own growth and evolution, and is also doing the best they can from where they are vibrationally.

2. Acceptance of What Is / Non-resistance

Acceptance of “what is” means being fully present in every moment and carrying the higher knowing that whatever is happening now is what’s needed to happen right now. It is having the deeper understanding that there are no accidents in this universe, and that underneath everything that occurs is the fulfillment of something that’s for the highest good of everyone involved, whether it is obvious in the moment or further down the line. You know that it is meant to happen, because it is what’s here and now.

Acceptance, or non-resistance to the present moment, is an effective way of making good use of your energy now, because you are focusing on what you want rather than resisting what you do not desire. You are flowing positively with the energy of life, and not allowing the ego to make an enemy of the present moment and insist on changing the circumstance other than what it is.

You will know that you are in your high vibrational state because you no longer feel the need to change the outside circumstance for you to feel better within yourself. You are already whole and satisfied to begin with, and however the outside environment may seem to appear is acknowledged and accepted.

3. Unconditional Self-Love / Compassion For Others

Practicing the value of unconditional self-love means loving yourself completely and embracing all that you are right now, including the things that still need to be healed within yourself. It is appreciating where you are in your journey, and carrying the knowing that your life is a process and you are undergoing positive transformation, one step at a time. Unconditional self-love means not anymore running away from yourself, and no longer distracting yourself from doing the inner work by getting pre-occupied with external things to make yourself feel better temporarily. It is knowing that the true source of love that you are seeking can only come from unblocking the flow of this love circuit from within you.

As you practice this unconditional love for yourself, you are then able to extend this outward, speaking and acting out of love, and exercise compassion for other people as well. You are able to understand their own healing and transformation journeys, and you extend the love to them and bless them on their own paths.

4. Self-Control / Perseverance

The value of self-control means becoming steadfast in aligning your thoughts, words, actions and decisions with what you desire to create in your life, and being conscious to not introduce contradictory energies to your vibration. This means becoming more selective on what you think or talk about, and becoming a conscious sower of what you want to reap for your future.

With self-control comes your perseverance and willingness to go deeper and release any misaligned beliefs that are no longer serving you and are keeping your vibration down, because it is only by going deeper that you can go higher in your soul’s growth and evolution. It is having the strong will to not bypass self-reflection, in order to purify yourself and go higher in your vibrational frequency.

Self-control also means exercising your inner wisdom in deliberately applying your spiritual knowledge in your everyday circumstances. You become fearless as you go through life because you trust the control that you have within you, and you know that no matter what happens, you will come out stronger to embrace whatever lesson you may need to learn along the way.

5. Patience / Detachment

The values of patience and detachment go hand in hand as these mean moving through life without attaching yourself to specific expectations or outcomes for the future, regarding how things should be or when things should unfold. It is honoring the perfect timing and order of things to manifest for the best and highest good of everyone involved, and being able to maintain a calm and peaceful patience, because you are not trying to control or figure out specific outcomes that you want to make happen. You let go of the control of the specifics, and you release lower vibrations of worry and doubt as you anchor in your trust that everything will unfold as it needs to, when it needs to.

6. Forgiveness

Practicing the value of forgiveness means releasing yourself from any feelings of hatred, anger, blame or revenge against anyone, because you do not want to carry these heavy energies within your energy field. It means cutting your energetic cord from any harmful vibrations, and being able to free yourself from bondage with these lower energies.

Forgiveness comes with the understanding that any resentment you hold within yourself will continuously eat you up inside and will just gain negative momentum over time. Forgiveness is more of a decision to love yourself enough to release what is keeping your vibration down. It is taking control of your own power, instead of blaming another person for affecting your own emotions and energy. Always know that what others did is their own lesson to learn, and how you respond is yours.

7. Trust / Inner Peace

Having trust means keeping your faith on the divine forces of Life (of God/Source/Creator) that are always at work behind the scenes. It is maintaining an inner stability of knowing that you have this eternal guidance and support, always leading you to your highest good, no matter how things may appear to your physical senses. Trust means connecting more to your heart space, your true self, instead of allowing the human mind or ego to be in control of your life. It means not engaging in lower vibrations of fear, anxiety and hopelessness, as these block your connection with your heart and dampens the light of your being.

8. Generosity

Practicing the value of generosity means the giving away of your love, of your kindness, of your understanding, of your unique gifts and talents, in any way you can, to be of service to others. Being generous means extending your true self to others, and expressing the divine within you in order to awaken the divinity within others as well. It is shining your inner light as bright as you can, coming from a place of your connection with your divine spirit. As you become more giving of positive vibrations to others, all these energies come back to you to make your light shine even brighter.

9. Childlike Spirit / Joy

Being childlike in spirit means having a light-hearted approach to life, being young at heart, and open-minded to new ideas and possibilities. It means maintaining your sense of awe and wonder at the world, and believing in infinite potentialities, instead of holding too tightly to the old ways of doing things or keeping outdated beliefs that are no longer serving your good. It also means being able to find joy, laughter and gratitude in the little things in life, not micro-managing yourself, and not getting too bogged down by unnecessary concerns of everyday living.

10. Resilience / Stillness

Being able to get back into your alignment with your true self whenever you have momentary slips into old ways of thinking is what resilience is. It’s carrying the knowing that nothing outside can shake you permanently inside, because you are already in touch with who you really are and your creative power. You are able to recover quickly and go back to that sense of stillness within yourself, your true source of security and certainty. You may temporarily get off-course but you are able to remain in balanced overall, and in harmony with all of life.

Having moments of silence and stillness as an everyday part of your life can significantly raise your energy levels and keep your vibration high, amidst momentary slips into misalignment. Releasing chatter in the mind, stilling the body, and gaining control of your inner world can help strengthen your resiliency no matter what seeming disturbance comes your way.

I hope these 10 life values to keeping your vibrations high has been enlightening and inspiring for you. Always remember that you have all the power to decide how to manage your own energy. And as you practice and make the intention day by day to keep your energy vibrations high, you have the entire universal support to help you achieve that.

Wishing you more Light, Love & Happiness always! Namaste :)

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