Webmasters usually have a lot of things to do on their sites. Some of these things require technical knowledge while others are just time consuming. WordPress plugins reduce this work allowing the webmaster to concentrate on more important aspects of his site. The following are some of the top WordPress plugins all webmasters should be using in their blogs.
1. Manage who sees which ads
This plugin works for blogs with different types of ads. It allows a person to direct certain types of ads to different types of visitors. For instance, visitors from search engines could only see banner ads; subscribers could only see AdSense ads etc.

2. WP super edit
This is one of the best WordPress plugins for a blogger that wants more editing options. WP super edit adds two entire rows in the editor that allow for different font styles, different formatting options and gives the blogger the ability to add more things to the content.

3. Events calendar pro.
This is one of the top WordPress plugins for a webmaster looking for ways to be more productive and organized. It allows a blogger to manage event details, integrate Google maps, add addresses, times and projected costs, customization options using template tags etc.

4. Facebook traffic pop for WordPress
This plugin allows a blogger get more Facebook fans on the related fan page. The blogger can then find ways to sell products and services to his fans without having to use money to pay for Facebook ads. It is the one of the best WordPress plugins for a marketer or someone that wants to increase his exposure.

5. After the deadline spellchecker
This plugin helps a webmaster develop posts with perfect grammar, style and punctuation. It does this by using artificial intelligence and language processing technology to find errors and make suggestions. It is definitely one of the top WordPress plugins out there for someone that wants perfection in all articles without having to constantly proofread the work.

6. Visual composer for WordPress
This is one of the top WordPress plugins for someone that wants to create fresh and unique content within a very short time. This plugin allows a webmaster to create complex layouts without having to waste so much time with short codes. A blogger will be able to add tables, elements etc. with a few clicks.

7. WordPress email newsletter plugin
Newsletters play an important role in a blog’s success. This plugin allows a blogger to very easily send newsletters to subscribers without having to through email service providers and spend a lot of money. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for a person that frequently sends out newsletters.

8. SI Captcha for WordPress
All bloggers hate spam comments made by bots. Si captcha is one of the top WordPress plugins for eliminating this annoyance. A blogger adds this plugin to registration forms, comment forms and the login to make sure that only humans make useful comments.

9. Old post promoter
Do you have very good blog posts hidden in the archives? Old post promoter is one of the best WordPress plugins to get them re-read without having to edit them. Random past posts get their dates changed and are republished on the front page and on RSS feeds.

10. Quick search
This plugin allows users to easily search for information on your site. It sorts the results of a search according to category, tags and comments. A blogger can easily tweak the popup menu styles.

These are just a few of the top WordPress plugins a blogger can add to his site to make blogging more efficient and fun.

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