The summer season is here! It's the season of sunny days on the beach, melting ice creams after swimming, and cool evenings of catching up with your friends. There's so much to anticipate.

In 2022, we are wrapping up with brighter, sunnier days, and with that carefree, easygoing disposition, Gelous has got the Gel Nail Polish to compliment. Nail trends for summer 2022 will be about shedding the darker shades and embracing brighter, bold colours which pay homage to the vibrant summer season. You can choose a stunning red, a gorgeous blue, or a soft pastel Gelous has come up with a collection for the summer months.

Daredevil Gel Nail Polish

The red-hot and scorching Daredevil adds a blaze to your nail polish. The colour is specially designed to stand out. This most attractive Gel Nail Polish is perfect for people looking to crank up the heat with an iconic red. You'll be sure to light the summer evenings on fire with this vibrant and bold shade.

Zest for Life Gel Nail Polish

Summer in a bottle Zest for Life is a sunny and happy yellow that adds a touch of sunshine to your manicure. It is radiant, golden and cheerful. It's a bright, brilliant, cheery polish that is a delight to wear. Polish provides an upbeat style when used by itself or is unique as a french tip with an edgy twist. Zest For Life is a perfect match and is an ideal match with a cold glass lemonade, ice-cold after a long time at sea.

Peaches & Cream Gel Nail Polish

Peachy Gel Nail Polish can be the most delicious of all. It's ready to be picked; peaches & Cream provides the perfect summertime glow to your gel manicure and is set to bring you a summer filled with sweet memories. The pastel peach is in fashion and will surely be the hue for 2022.

Appletini Gel Nail Polish

If you're looking to bring enthusiasm, look at Appletini, A bright lime green Gel Nail Polish that brings summer joy to Life. It's all good vibes, and this shade is electric and goes well with an evening out with friends in a cocktail with a punch. It's not surprising that this colour is trending for the summer of 2022.

The icing on the Cake Gel Nail Polish

The most romantic pastel pink, Ice onto cake Cake can be the ideal Gel Nail Polish that is perfect for people looking for an edgier summer hue. Imagine strawberry gelato on a scorching day. This colour is a chic, simple appearance to your manicure, and it's also easy to pair with your more vibrant summertime outfit. It's the perfect topping on the cake!

We're Going To Ibiza Gel Nail Polish

We're Going to Ibiza, Bringing the beaches within reach. This teal blue Gel Nail Polish is pure summer tranquillity. Inspired by the idyllic days of the sparkling ocean and sandy beaches, it is easy to feel relaxed when you look at your manicure. We're Going to Ibiza will be the perfect summer shade that pays homage towards the seasons in the most elegant way.

Hey, Sweets Gel Nail Polish

Hey, Sweets is a bright and delicate Lavender Nail Polish that is as delicious as it appears. It's fun, playful, and flirty, and it's everything you could want in the summer gel manicure. This sun-kissed shade needs only two coats to create the summer feel and can be used as a French tip for an edgier yet lively style.

That's Mint Gel Nail Polish

True summer pastel This Mint is an ocean-inspired Gel Nail Polish featuring a subtle green tint. It's so fresh that this light Gel Nail Polish is a must-have for 2022 summer gel manicures and is entirely in fashion. This Mint will shine brilliantly against your radiant tan and bring calm to your summer days.

Prima Donna Gel Nail Polish

A powerful, strong purple Prima Donna provides a striking look to your manicure. The trendy shade has personal and is perfect for the summer months. If you've never tried violet Gel Nail Polish before, this is the ideal time to test it and experience its stunning properties.

Girl Talk Gel Nail Polish

With a dependable pink, your manicures with gels for the summer months are complete. Akin to the beautiful flowers that fill our parks, backyards and streets at this time of year; this is a lovely shade. Girl Talk is pretty and sure to bring a smile every day.

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