There are five-star restaurants in the area and top-class casinos. Las Vegas is more than a weekend getaway or bachelor party. It is possible to move to Las Vegas because of the many attractive things in the area. Here are some worst things about living in Las Vegas you should keep in mind when searching for a home. know about lifestyle in Vegas here -
1. Bumpy Flights
It is not fun to descend into Las Vegas when the temperature goes up in summer, particularly around 100F (38C). I advise you to avoid eating anything that could upset your stomach. Keep an eye on the horizon and look out for 12 minutes, so you don’t feel nauseated. Cash App for non-profits

2. Taxi Lines Can Be Long
You will be met by a long taxi queue when you arrive in Vegas. It's not unusual for every hotel to have a similar taxi queue. You will need to allow plenty of time for your trip to reach your destination.
3. Traffic/Taxi Drivers
Vegas is notorious for its traffic. Most taxi drivers that I have encountered tried to take me all the way from the airport to my hotel. You can save money by telling them you prefer to use the surface streets and not the freeway. If you're short on time, don't worry about the $6+ price tag and tell them what is faster.

4. For Credit Card Payments, Taxi Drivers Will Charge $3
I am so tired of being a victim of travel fraud. Taxi drivers won't tell you in advance if you pay by credit card for your taxi ride. Las Vegas should ask VeriFone, the company that controls the machine to change the wording of the voucher to "fee" (see photo above).
5. Long Check-In Lines
There is always a long line at the end of every trip to one of Vegas' larger hotels. I find it takes me at least 30 minutes to wait, but it feels longer because I am usually trying to get to work, meet friends, or go to the loo. These hotels do have an insanely large number of rooms. However, that doesn't mean they should not provide keyless check-in or staff the check-in desks.

6. Resort Fees
Everyone I know hates resort fees, including me. It's absurd that hotels can charge a nightly fee to cover the cost of certain amenities. Worst of all, most of these fees go unadvertised and are not disclosed to travellers until they arrive at their hotel.

There is not much you can do to make Vegas a better destination than booking hotels with resort fees.

It's worth being prepared to spend an additional $5-$25 per night. Vegas Chatter has compiled a comprehensive guide that explains all resort fees and what you'll get in return. This information is important before you book your trip.

7. It Tastes Like Rotten Goat Cheese
OMG! Las Vegas is so dry that I feel constantly thirsty. I can only drink one bottle of water provided by hotels for five minutes. The tap water tastes like rotten goat cheese. It's not safe to drink. Walk to any of the chain pharmacies along the strip instead of spending $5+ on a bottled of water from your minibar, or even buying one in the hotel gift shop for the same price. The Aria had a CVS and Walgreens within a few blocks. A gallon of water costs approx $1.99 at Walgreens.

8. Sensors Are Available In Minibars
Many Vegas hotels have these evil minibars. Even if you only pick up something to check the ingredients, you will be charged. The prices are high. Advice: Before you leave the hotel, review your bill and dispute any incorrect charges.
9. There Is No Fresh Air
Although I like many of the Las Vegas hotel rooms I dislike the fact that the windows can't be opened to let in the fresh air, I do not mind the fact that they are closed. As I was walking to the water fountain, the person next to me exclaimed "FRESH AIR!" After she had walked through the doors for what seemed like an eternity, she exclaimed, "FRESH AIR!"

10. It Is Disgusting.
It's likely that you'll be able to take a quick dip in the pool if it gets over 100 degrees outside. Wrong! You are wrong! This is the worst part. These guys won't miss out on their chance at scoring, so they don't bother to get out of there to clean up properly. Eww!

While I do love Vegas for a few nights, there are certain things that I hate about it. Are you adamant that I am reacting too much?


These are the worst things about living in Las Vegas
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