Fuel prices are steep and always rising. Car owners need to find ways to make their car fuel last longer. If you can squeeze a few more miles out of every gallon imagine the savings you can make on fuel costs. The world is constantly finding out ways to use transportation that is affordable and eco-friendly. There are solar battery powered cars as well as hybrid cars in use. However the majorities are still using petrol or diesel powered vehicles.

Whether you drive a two seat car, economy car or a sedan or a sports model that runs on gas you need to master ways in which you can make fuel last long. Here are a few tips given by automobile experts that will give an increase in miles per gallon (MPG):

1. Read driving tips give by the AAA. Drive at optimal fuel efficacy speeds and use the right gears at the right time.

2. Keep the car serviced and in top mechanical condition. Learn how to listen to the car and diagnose any knocks or strange sounds.

3. Ensure that the car air filter is clean. Fuel economy is greatly enhanced with a clean air filter. When an air filter gets clogged it blocks air flow and reduces engine efficacy. So remove the filter and hold it up to check if you can see light through it. Use a filter that can be cleaned and is better for the environment.

4. Always ensure that tires are in good condition and that they are properly inflated. Use the parameters recommended by the car manufacturer and make it a point to check tire pressure whenever you fuel the car.

5. Watch the speed fuel economy decreases with increased speeds. So drive within the speed limits and watch the difference in fuel consumption.

6. Try not to speed and brake constantly. Driving at a steady pace keeps shifting to a minimum and aids fuel economy. Ever watch how trucks drive at a constant pace? They don’t brake and speed like cars do and yet arrive at a destination in the same time frame. When you brake to a stop and restart the car much more fuel is used.

7. Learn all about acceleration and revs. Stopping and starting hurts the car and fuel use. If your car is an automatic accelerate moderately and allow the transmission to shift gear smoothly. Otherwise shift gear early so that the engine does not go wroom. Slowdown if you see a stop light changing well in advance so that you don’t have to brake suddenly.

8. Use the air conditioning sparingly. At lower speeds the AC will gobble fuel. So get used to air from the outside. Enjoy the breeze and roll down the windows.

9. For long road trips used recommended stock wheels. They offer greater fuel efficiency than wider cooler looking tires.

10. When you buy a car don’t go for looks look at aspects of fuel efficiency and mechanics.

Log on to the internet and keep abreast with reviews and tips given by automobile gurus on saving fuel and increasing the efficiency of the car. Websites like that of the AAA and road safety police also have great recommendations for motorists.

Drive happily and save fuel.

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