re you a naturally positive person? OR do you practice positivity as a way of conquering naturally bad feelings and thoughts? There is a big difference.
Of course positivity is much better for us than negativity is. Studies clearly link positivity to better health and more happiness.
Motivational gurus “promise” you that positive thinking allows you to see the greatness in your life instead of the pitfalls and remind you of how much you have accomplished. Practices such as meditation, writing, art, and adventure motivate positive thinking and action.

A Real Start
During the 1890s Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, discovered the process that is now called “Pavlovian Conditioning.”
This video explains how it works in about 3 minutes:

The core of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is based on this Pavlovian conditioning. NLP connects your positive experiences to your fears and/or negative experiences. This conditioning creates positive thoughts and feelings about something you did not feel good about originally.
But there’s a major problem with this conditioned positivity that has become more and more obvious: It’s temporary!
It has to be practiced every day.
Like exercise, it requires dedication, discipline, and constant repetition.
Without that practice, the impacts of positivity chip away like a temporary tattoo!
So why is the practice of positivity so much work?

The Real Power
It’s because conditioned positivity is not nearly as strong and powerful as the pain that resides within us and that impacts our relationships, health, success, and overall happiness.
Conditioned positivity can ‘re-program’ and overrule negative thoughts so long as these thoughts originate from what are called “cluster” experiences. A cluster experience is a subconsciously stored memory that is coded correctly and therefore approachable by your conscious brain.
Unfortunately, positive conditioning does not work at all if our fears or negative thoughts are controlled by so-called “bad clusters”.
Bad clusters are wrongly coded negative experiences in our subconscious that we cannot remember. Bad clusters control a huge part of our thinking, feelings, beliefs, decisions and behaviors.
Despite the real rewards of positivity, the emptiness, pain, and negativity you’re trying to conquer still exist in all their heaviness and powerfully pull back on the strides made by the practice of positivity.
This is why so many people fall back into old habits, in spite of all the conditioning, affirmations and positive thinking the practiced. Whatever you try, somewhere down the line, old disturbing habits and negative behavior start to take over again.
The frustrating part is that the picture you had about what you wanted to achieve was perfectly clear. You know in your gut that you are capable of reaching your goal. WHAT then is it that keeps inhibiting and sabotaging you?
This has nothing to do with your intelligence, drive or will to get the best results, but everything to with the subconscious bad cluster influences that activate during your efforts.
Do you relate to this? Are there times you ignore a sad, angry, or uncomfortable feeling with the intent of being more positive? It’s a constant battle that actually drains you of energy- emotionally and physically.

The Real Difference
Our life will provide an array of challenges that test our resolve to maintain positivity and while we can CHOOSE a more positive way of addressing every day obstacles how is it really impacting us from is within?
Does it really make a difference? Do these acts of positivity really make us happier, healthier people in the long run?
They can- if the barriers are out of the way.
The truth is, that unless we address the real source of our negativity, we can never really fully benefit from the beautiful benefits of positivity
That doesn’t mean you’ll always be in a “hurray!” mood with a big smile from ear to ear. There will always be fluctuations in emotions; that’s called LIFE. But to enjoy life to its fullest, your emotions have to be in balance and not appear in huge highs and extreme lows.

The Real Change
With powerful negative energy out of our way, positivity will happen more naturally, without effort, and with ease.
Life doesn’t have to be a constant battle. There is an easy and natural way of dissolving negativity permanently.
Progressive Mental Alignment offers the tools to identify the source of negative energy stored in the brain where all the data from every single experience you’ve ever had, is processed and coded with emotion.
Reaching the data that is coded with negative energy, automatically frees the data from its negative prison, re-processing it normally, and removing the impact on your everyday life.
You’ll instantly be filled with more happiness, freedom, calm and positivity that is natural and effortless.
Positivity techniques like Pavlovian conditioning, work- but only temporarily. To heal, to really transform negativity into endless positivity, Progressive Mental Alignment is the ultimate solution.
Experience the only tool capable of opening your life to more happiness, freedom, peace and positivity–naturally and effortlessly.
I’d love to join you on your journey!

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Progressive Mental Alignment is a self-help institute focused on the language rules of the brain to map its impact on every single aspect of life.