We all know that Expedia is one of the leading traveling agencies. Suppose you are recently traveling with Expedia and want to make a seat selection after booking your flights. In that case, it is nothing to worry about because making itinerary changes is not a big deal. Expedia lets you do it without any problem. So, you want to make a seat selection on Expedia. In that case, you can directly reach out to them by contacting them through their customer service - +1-650-694-9581/ 650-694-9581.
The customer service of Expedia is commendable when it comes to serving their customers. Making a seat selection on Expedia is a piece of cake, and you can do it without putting much effort into it. Suppose you are precise about where they want to sit while traveling. In that case, you should be familiar with the seat selection policy of Expedia.
What is the Expedia seat selection policy?
According to the Expedia seat selection policy, Expedia gives you a lot of options to select your seat.
You can make the seat selection while you are booking the flight on Expedia.
If you have to change your seat due to your preference after you have made the booking, then Expedia lets you do that, too.
But sometimes Expedia cannot help you with the seat selection because some of the airlines do not allow you to make any changes 24 hours before the flight departure.
You may have to pay a certain amount of fee if you want to make the seat selection.
How to make an Expedia flight booking seat selection?
If you are thinking that making a seat selection on Expedia is going to be a big task, then you are wrong. The process of making the seat selection on Expedia is relatively easy, and it can be done really conveniently and quickly.
There are a lot of ways through which you can make the seat selection. To make it easier for you, we have given a brief on all of the options. You can go through them and choose the one which you think will be more suitable for you.
How to make Expedia seat selection online?
To make the seat selection online, all you have to do is go through their official website.
After you have opened the website,
On the upper right side of the dashboard, you will see an option for "my trips."
If you already have an account, then you can log in.
Otherwise, you will be asked to sign in or sign up with your phone number or your email.
You will be asked for the reservation number of the flight that you want to make a seat selection.
When you are doing all this, don't forget to select the option "upcoming."
Now proceed with your process and click on the flight on which you want to make the seat selection.
When you click on the flight, you will come across two options: "manage reservations" or "update flight preference."
If the option is not available on the website, Expedia then you may have to go to that particular airline to make the seat selection from which you have made the flight booking.
All of the airlines have specific rules and policies about seat selection, so you will have to check it personally.
After that, you can visit the "update flight preference."
There, you will be able to see how many seats are available.
Now choose the one which is suitable for you.
And confirm it.
Expedia charges a fee of $75 to make the seat selection.
Many airlines have different charges for changing seats.
You will have to pay the difference.
After you are done with the payment.
You will receive a confirmation mail regarding that your seat has been changed.
After you have made the payment, your seat status will be updated automatically on the website.
Are there any alternatives to connect with Expedia?
Yes, there are a lot of alternatives through which you can connect with Expedia. We have mentioned all of them below.
Connect with Expedia on their official website: you can connect with Expedia on their website through their live chat option. The live chat option is available for 24 hours, and a live customer representative will chat with you and assist you with anything you need help with.
You can connect with them on their social media platforms -
To communicate with Expedia, you can follow them up on their social media platforms for the latest updates and amazing offers. You can also address your query to them there, and they will respond back to you at your earliest convenience with a possible conclusion to your query.
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/expedia
Twitter - Expedia Group (@ExpediaGroup) / X (twitter.com)
Instagram - Expedia (@expedia) • Instagram photos and videos
Facebook - Expedia | Facebook
Pinterest - Expedia.nl (expedient) - Profile | Pinterest
Contact them by their mail - Expedia also has a separate mail for their customers so that they can reach out to them regarding any of your queries. You can write to them there, and they will reply to you at your earliest convenience with a solution to your query. To address your query, you can write them at - help@expedia.com.
Q-1 How can I connect with the customer service of Expedia?
To connect with the customer service of Expedia, you can contact them at - +1-650-694-9581/ 650-694-9581.
Q-2: Can I change my seat on Expedia after booking my flight?
Yes, you can make changes to your seat on Expedia after you have booked your flight.
Q-3 How much does Expedia cost to make a seat selection?
Expedia charges around $75 fee to make the seat selection.

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